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Chrysocolla Properties & Meaning

Chrysocolla is a gorgeous Copper-based mineral that ranges from light green to deep blue in color. It was highly popular in ancient Egypt, and it is believed to have been one of both Cleopatra’s and Nefertiti’s favorite stones. It is also rumored that King Solomon, who referred to it as his “wisdom crystal,” used Chrysocolla to excel in his legendary decision-making and communication skills. Due to its resemblance in color patterns to the planet Earth, Chrysocolla encourages a stronger connection and communication with Earth and Mother Nature. Moreover, Chrysocolla is a powerful amplifier of positive energy that helps to rid you of depression, social anxiety, stress, anger, shyness, fear, and other negative energies. It also facilitates energy channeling and enhances psychic abilities, while encouraging forgiveness, self-expression, and compassion toward others.  This crystal cleanses and balances your energy field while stimulating self-empowerment, confidence, and transformation. It is well-known for stimulating the expression of personal truth and knowledge. This crystal works directly with the Heart and Throat Chakras, making it ideal for writers, artists, energy workers, and public speakers. You should keep this crystal in or on your work space because it helps to channel hidden wisdom as it taps into the Divine Source. A great way to access Chrysocolla’s healing powers is by placing it on your body while meditating, playing music, singing, writing, or chanting.



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