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Spiritual Landing

Blue Kyanite Rough Medium

Blue Kyanite Rough Medium

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Blue Kyanite Properties & Meaning

The Native Americans believed that Blue Kyanite was a powerful talisman for protection. In fact, it’s rumored that Geronimo, the great Apache Chief and warrior, carried this gem with him whenever he went into battle. Geronimo’s followers claimed he had a variety of supernatural powers, such as invulnerability to bullets, the ability to heal himself and others, remote viewing, and premonitions. To this day, the truth of these claims remains a mystery. Kyanite has a very high vibration that promotes protection and enhances psychic abilities. This gem works as a powerful amplifier of positive energy, strengthening your connection with the spiritual realm and your higher-self. In addition, as a Throat Chakra crystal, Kyanite promotes intuition, wisdom, courage, self-expression, harmonious communication, and confidence to speak your truth. It’s also beneficial for spiritual attunement, dreaming, and meditation. Moreover, Kyanite is highly prized as a bringer of tranquility, peace, harmony, mental clarity, and emotional balance. It’s also known to eliminate negative thinking, fear, anger, and illusions, while also repelling negativity, clearing blockages, and dissolving self-imposed limitations. Finally, due to Kyanite’s high vibration, it doesn’t retain negative energy, and, therefore, it requires very little to no cleansing

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