Blue Howlite Tumbled

Spiritual Landing

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Howlite Properties & Meaning

Howlite was discovered in 1868 in Nova Scotia by a Canadian geologist and a mineral expert named Henry How. This stone is often ignored and quickly dismissed by many crystal healers due to its inexpensive value in the market. However, it is a very powerful stone that must be added to anyone’s collection. Howlite emits a soothing and peaceful energy that brings calmness, inner peace, harmony, tranquility, wisdom and an overall sense of well-being. This crystal helps to reduce anxiety, tension and anger. It is ideal for people who have hot tempers and get irritated or frustrated easily as it allows a person to remain calm during challenging situations. Howlite helps to quiet the mind, calm emotions and stop over thinking. You can place a howlite in your pocket to absorb your own anger or another person’s anger being directed towards you. A Howlite obelisk rough point can be useful for meditation, out of body experiences and to have a deep and restful sleep. It can also help to access or retrieve information during the dream state by bringing back that information into consciousness when you wake up. Howlite amplifies the connection with the spiritual dimension awakening one’s intuition. It also helps with meditation and to gain insight from past lives experiences.



Product Description: One 100% authentic high-quality Howlite obelisk rough point.

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