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Black Styrax Resin Incense 1/2oz

Black Styrax Resin Incense 1/2oz

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Black Styrax resin incense is used to invite calming and relaxing energy into your Sacred Space. The inviting aroma leaves any space feeling warm, heady and peaceful.

Black Styrax or Storax was known in ancient Egypt as 'Miniaki' which translates as "festive fragrance". Since ancient times this resin has been used to create an environment of calm and relaxation and is also said to be an aid for insomniacs.

Black Styrax is made by boiling the bark of the Storax Calamitos tree, pressing it to remove the water, then using alcohol extraction to produce the pure resin. The resin is then soaked back into the charcoaled bark. It produces a warm, balsam-like, sweet, flowery, intense and slightly grassy fragrance. 


  • Helps you sleep and relax
  • Protects against negative energies
  • Brings forth sensual and loving feelings
  • Purifies and cleans the air


  • 1/2 oz packet
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