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Spiritual Landing

Black Obsidian Tower Prism

Black Obsidian Tower Prism

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Obsidian Properties & Meaning

Obsidian is actually volcanic glass formed by Lava which cooled so fast that it didn’t have time to crystallize. At an energetic level, obsidian is a powerful tool that can pierce into a person’s energy field, in order to release blockages and baggage’s that accumulate through our daily lives. It helps to release and eliminate jealousy of others, resentment and fear. It also helps to reveal our hidden inner powers and talents. This crystal has the capacity to absorb, eliminate and repel negative energy. It creates a protective shield around the person which makes it ideal for physical and psychic protection as well as grounding. Obsidian is an ideal stone for people who feel stuck in life and feel the need to move forward. Additionally, this stone is capable of cleansing karmic energy accumulated from past life experiences.

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