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Spiritual Landing

Black Moonstone Palm Stones

Black Moonstone Palm Stones

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Moonstone Properties & Meaning

Moonstone contains a very powerful yin (feminine) energy that raises hope, helps to calm stress, facilitates manifestation, increases spiritual growth, amplifies connection with the spiritual realm, stimulates confidence, eases mediation and calms hot tempers. It boosts self-confidence, facilitates meditation, increases psychic abilities and attracts abundance. It is a great stone to work with during a crisis or when going through difficult times. This crystal can become like a faithful companion that guides you through the darkest moments of your life; Much like the full moon shining in the dark showing you the way. This crystal is very efficient at developing one’s intuition and enhancing psychic abilities. It represents the power of divine femininity and it’s associated with emotions, feelings, dreams, the moon, the unknown, magic, the occult, mysticism and the metaphysical world. It is ideal for those seeking a deeper understanding of life. It attracts synchronicities and positive outcomes into one’s life.

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