Azurite Necklace

Azurite Necklace

Spiritual Landing

  • $25.00

Azurite Properties & Meaning

Azurite is often found in nature mixed with Malachite. When these two minerals are mixed together, they create the colors of the earth which helps to connect with nature. The combination of these two minerals also creates a powerful conductor of positive healing energy that can help open the third eye. Azurite is an excellent stone to enhance intuition, lucid dreaming, dissolve the ego and amplify the connection with the spiritual world. It is known for opening the mind and helping one to “awake”. This stone helps to clear the mind and to raise the level of consciousness of a person by removing blockages and negative beliefs. It also enhances our communication channel to receive more precise and clear messages from the spiritual source. Placing this stone near your bed can enhance out of body experiences or lucid dreaming. It is an ideal stone for meditation, exploring past lives and to improve mental dexterity.


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