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Spiritual Landing

Angel Aura Quartz Heart Cluster

Angel Aura Quartz Heart Cluster

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Angel Aura Quartz Properties & Meaning

Aura Quartz are natural crystals that have been treated with different precious metals such as Silver, Titanium, Platinum, Copper, Gold, or other metals through intense heat. When crystals are fused with metals, their energies and beauty are amplified. This fusion results in a new type of crystal that still resonates within its original frequency, but it also now has additional metaphysical properties. Its energies are so increased by the melted metals that even people who are typically unable to perceive subtle energies will be drawn to Aura Quartz. This force makes it the perfect crystal for anyone new to spirituality. Aura Quartz is advised for people who are just beginning their spiritual journeys, or who are not yet sensitive to the subtle energies around them. Another benefit of Aura Quartz is that it awakens intuition and helps to connect with your inner self. Aura Quartz balances the body’s energies and provides a calming and relaxing effect, making it ideal for meditation and focus. Aura Quartz brings harmony to intimate relationships and friendships while cleansing past Karma.

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