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Spiritual Landing

Amber Pocket Stone

Amber Pocket Stone

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Amber Properties & Meaning

Today, the approximate value of the room is estimated to be over 400 million dollars.Unfortunately, its whereabouts remain one of the greatest mysteries of WWII. In 1979, architects began building a replica of the Amber Room. It took more than two decades and cost over 12 million dollars to construct. The replica is now exhibited at Catherine Palace in Russia. Since Amber is essentially the fossilized blood of trees, it carries their life-force within it. This is why Amber has an especially strong connection with nature. Amber also helps eliminate negative beliefs, ward off the evil eye, block psychic attacks, and purify energy fields. Moreover, as a crystal of light, it can help one feel replenished, safe, and protected. At the same time, Amber helps to eliminate energy blockages, fears, and limitations; relieves negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, and depression. An Amber pendant is also ideal for manifesting abundance, unlocking hidden talents, and helping to develop a positive outlook on life. Ultimately, Amber brings an overall sensation of well-being while balancing the spirit.




Please note that this is a natural product; sometimes crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.

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