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Spiritual Landing

Abalone Shell 5"-6"

Abalone Shell 5"-6"

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 Sea shells have been used for centuries as a multi-purpose multi tool.  The abalone shell specifically can be tied with Native Americans.  The abalones meat was used for food, leaving a multi colored beautiful shell behind used for jewelry or ceremonial purposes.  Even today abalone shells are used in smudging, placing special herbs in the abalone shell to add the herbs healing properties.  Abalone's are a great way to spiritually bring one closer to nature, specifically the element of water.  Water is a symbol of purification and vitality.  
         Our Abalone Shells can  used to burn a number of items anywhere from sage to powders.  Often these shells make a great altar display too
These are naturally sourced, beautiful Abalone Shells. Since they come from the ocean, no two shells will be exactly alike. Each shell will vary in color, shape and size. These minor differences are what make these shells beautiful and unique!
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