Numerology Compatibility Blueprint

Numerology Compatibility Blueprint


Numerology Compatibility Blueprint Reading

90 minutes - $333

Do you wonder how you could understand your spouse or partner more to enhance your relationship? When conducting compatibility readings, I use the full eight-part chart that includes the Destiny and Maturity number, which helps a person on this journey to reveal their destiny and brings them to their true self. By including the Maturity number, this helps the couple become aware of any potential “mid-life crisis” issues and challenges they could face.

This is a 90 Minute Session. This session can be conducted with one or both partners present. As recording is not available for in-person sessions, clients can feel free to voice record if they are comfortable doing so.

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Please Note: There are some factors that are key for accuracy. For readings, clients should be comfortable providing the full name on one’s birth certificate, first and last name (if a person uses their nickname to identify themselves or if someone uses their middle name to identify themselves instead of their formal first name, and for compatibility readings it’s the name their partner calls them - this is vital to know) and full date of birth.

Disclaimer: It is important to recognize that due to freewill, soul lessons, personal choices, and which vibration of a number a life is living out, that while in a compatibility chart or reading there may be a soul connection found, there are several factors involved that determine the compatibility and longevity. Each number has a positive and negative energy associated with it. When you understand the positive and negative side of the numbers, relationships that were a mystery before start making sense. Numerology readings are not psychic readings and will not state that relationships will last. While a Numerology Compatibility Blueprint Reading will give indication if a couple will sizzle or fizzle as time goes on, the information provided in a reading is intended to help understand the other life and the relationship better.

A Phoenix Healing Legal Disclaimer: All sessions will start and end at their allocated time. Tardiness reduces the time set aside for the session. There are no refunds. All sales are final. If you change your mind or cannot make your appointment refunds are not permitted

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