Wood incense and cone holder

Spiritual Landing

  • $15.50

Wood incense and cone burners for incense keeper 

What is an Incense Chest Holder?

These hand-carved incense chest holders made out of wood are very easy to use! Simply place the incense stick on the holes created on inner walls of the chest or place an incense cone on the metal circles located in its ashtray. Moreover, They are ideal decorations for your home and they can safely burn incense sticks or incense cones. The smoke will gently rise through the many decorative cut-outs on the lids and the residue will be collected at the bottom in the ashtray — allowing you to clean it easily and less frequently! Furthermore, you can use this incense holder for all regular incense sticks, including those that we sell; HEM incense, Satya incense, Jabou incense, etc. These incense burners are specifically designed to enhance the natural dance of the incense smoke as it drafts out of the patterns on the lids. Please remember to never leave burning incense unattended.

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