Royal Green Hojari Frankincense Resin

Spiritual Landing

  • $12.00

Green Royal Hojari: is considered the most prized grade of frankincense. It creates a purifying atmosphere and is reserved for deeply therapeutic and spiritual meditations. The scent has hints of pine, citrus, and eucalyptus.

This is the top grade frankincense available on the market, known as the “royal greens”. They are harvested from higher up on the tree, and thus produce a more nutrient dense, and more citrus smelling composition, than with the version of our traditional frankincense.


*How to Use*

Burn/ Melt resin using a charcoal, or electric resin burner. If using a charcoal, make sure the charcoal is fully lit, and placed in a fire/ heat safe vessel. Wait about a minute after the charcoal is lit, and place a piece of the frankincense resin on top of the coal, and be transported through the ethers and centuries of spiritual tradition— completing the experience of the lineages with the connection the the present moment, right here and now. 

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