Orange Selenite Crystal Necklace

Spiritual Landing

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Selenite is a magnificent crystal that comes in a brilliant white, somewhat translucent color.  It however does vary in shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown often due to the iron content. 

Selenite gems were acknowledged by Ancient Greeks who named the translucent white gypsum gems “Selenite,” which implies “moon” in Greek. The smoothmagnificent gypsum nearly shines, making it comparative to the moon. Throughout history Selenite was used to make types of windows so that sunlight may penetrate inside the  home which could be in part where Selenite's origins came from in the metaphysical world. 

Selenite may be a calm stone that ingrains profound peace, making it incredible for contemplationQuick and successful at cleansing the auric field, it can clear congested energies or pessimism from ones physical etheric body.


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