High Grade Chrysocolla Tree 3”

High Grade Chrysocolla Tree 3”

Spiritual Landing

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Chrysocolla Properties & Meaning

Chrysocolla is a powerful amplifier of positive energy. It helps to get rid of depression, social anxiety, stress, anger, timidity and fear. It facilitates channeling and enhances psychic abilities. It encourages forgiveness, self expression and compassion towards others. It promotes harmony, tranquility, calmness, peace and allows for deep emotional healing. This stone cleanses and balances one’s energy field. It stimulates self empowerment, confidence, transformation, calms the mind, facilitates meditation, repels negative energy, balances emotions and raises confidence. This crystal is great for teachers because it helps to reveal your highest knowledge so that others may benefit from your experiences.



Product Description: One high qualioty chrysocolla  100% natural

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