Gold sheen obsidian skull necklace

Gold sheen obsidian skull necklace

Spiritual Landing

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Golden Obsidian Properties & Meaning

Golden Obsidian, also known as Gold Sheen Obsidian, can be mainly found in Mexico. It has a golden shine effect caused by gas bubbles remaining from the lava flow when the molten stone was flowing before it cooled. Since the beginning of human civilization, this stone was often used to create spears, knives, axes and arrowheads due to its incredible sharpness. This is why many believe that this crystal has the capacity to pierce into a person’s aura, sometimes without causing pain, in order to purge and release blockages or accumulated karmic baggage in your energy field.

In the metaphysical world, it is often used as a tool for past life regression, clairvoyance and psychic gazing. Obsidian is a protection and grounding stone that encourages stability and security. It creates a protective shield around a person, making it ideal for physical and psychic protection. Golden Obsidian clears negative energy, and helps to balance your energy. It promotes prosperity, stability and mental clarity. The chakras associated with Golden Obsidian are the solar plexus chakra and the root chakra.

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