Druzy Malachite Specimens (Ethiopia)

Spiritual Landing

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In the glittering and translucent and colorful in the jade family, malachite with its dense and delicate texture, bright green, beautiful bands and concentric ring pattern, show a unique charm。The word "malachite" has the meaning of "happy wife". Natural malachite shows dark green, bright green luster, although do not have the bright jewelry, but it is a kind of noble stone, a kind of unique elegant temperament.


       Malachite has many mysterious legends. As early as thousands of years ago, the ancient egyptians once called it "sacred stone", and think it has the role of dispelling evil, so it is used as a talisman; In Germany, people believe that wearing malachite can avoid the threat of death, in fact, is fundamentally a talisman.

The function and efficacy of malachite

       Malachite also has natural copper elements, can activate the skin in the natural antioxidant enzyme (SOD), so that the skin in the antioxidant enzyme play a maximum role, to achieve the purpose of antioxidant. Wearing malachite jewelry can slow down the formation of the cuticle of the skin so as to achieve a delicate and tender skin. Wearing malachite jewelry can absorb the natural energy contained in malachite, in order to reduce the stimulation of external radiation to the skin.

       Pass scientific appraisal, in the well-known cosmetic on the market, contain with the copper atom structure in malachite same microelement copper, because its have the action that fights oxidation to fight consenescence, appeared even malachite extraction fluid so protect skin to taste.

Compared with the eyebrow chakra in the seven-wheel system, malachite can not only develop wisdom, help thinking, concentration, and increase memory ability, but also increase the vitality of brain cells and brain operation. For students and office workers who need a long time to use their brains, malachite is an indispensable crystal gem .


Depression is the common cold of mental illness and Malachite crystal healing properties are an effective antidepressant against the everyday blues. Wear Malachite crystal jewelry and feel it balancing out your highs and lows as it returns you to an even plane of positivity and optimism. It also works as a mood stabilizer by neutralizing any toxic energy in your world and guarding your spirit against any outside negativity. Gaze at the lush green color of Malachite and feel your world becoming illuminated by the vibrant colors of nature. 

When you channel the powerful vibrations of this stone, it’s a direct link to photosynthesis and the miracle of light transforming into energy, which sustains life. Like a forest of green, the spirit of Malachite is all about growth and progress as it helps you prune away old belief systems and thought patterns no longer serving you. Malachite also helps you open the doors to the universe and all its beauty and wonder. It was Albert Einstein who said, “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” If you get stuck on a project, call on Malachite to help bring you out of a rut by giving you a deeper understanding of your true creative spirit. To encourage positive, life-affirming thoughts, practice walking meditation in nature while holding your Malachite stone and contemplate your intention for healing and transformation. 

Check out of the well-grooved track of everyday life and tune in with the Malachite crystal, your gateway to reconnecting with earth and its healing vibrations. 

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