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DREAM Floral Incense

DREAM Floral Incense

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Blue Lotus, Calendula, Lavender & Butterfly Pea all come together in this gorgeous loose leaf incense!

Invite in dreams and banish negatives energies with this colorful wand formulated with the mesmerizing Blue Lotus blossom.

The majestic Blue Lotus flower has impressive historical lineage and deep roots in Egyptian culture. Revered as the "dream flower", this exotic and elevating flower is known for aiding lucid dreaming, releasing inhibitions, increasing libido, and it’s intoxicating scent.

Formulated for dreams, banishing negative energies, neutralizing spaces, calming and release.

Perfect for burning on its own in a fireproof dish or cauldron with charcoal disks, for floral bath soaks, or use as a beautiful candle topper.

This blend is all natural and contains no artificial scents, colors, or dyes and is suitable for use in soap making! When sprinkled in warm water, this blend may turn your water pale blue depending on heat and acidity.

This is a White Sage alternative blend and contains no White Sage, only cultivated herbs with traditional cleansing purpose and lore.

This listing is for one 2oz package of Dream loose leaf incense mix. Our plastic packaging is plant based and bio-degradable.

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