Adjustable Gemstone Rings

Spiritual Landing

  • $6.00

These are 925 Silver Adjustable Gemstone Rings.  We have lots of varieties and down below you can read the meaning of each gemstone to find your match!

  • Rose Quartz - Bringing Love into your Life in all ways.
  • Amethyst - Protection of both psychic and physical attacks.
  • Carnelian - A great fertility stone full of warmth.
  • Aventurine - A lucky green stone. 
  • Opalite - Stabilizes mood and helps with all transitions. 
  • Blue Goldstone - A stone of confidence and ambition.
  • Clear Quartz - Energizing Stone, opens mind and heart to higher guidance. 
  • Malachite - a stone of transformation of absorbing negative energies and converting it.
  • Blue Howlite - Helps with sleeplessness, stamina and promotes peacefulness. 
  • Black Onyx - Deflects negativity, and keeps instincts sharp. 
  • Tiger's Eye - Grounding to the earth stone. 



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