Hedgehog Rainbow Fluorite hedgehog

Spiritual Landing

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Rainbow Fluorite are naturally occurring and very in a wide range of colors from clear to blue and everywhere in between. Rainbow Fluorite contains a brilliant, stabilizing impact on the passionate body, making a difference  to help you “think through” one’s sentiments when overpowered and to create a coherent design that breaks down perplexity, instability.  It delicately brings smothered sentiments to the surface for determination, and is advantageous in countering mental clutters. Rainbow Fluorite helps uncover the truth and help one move past narrow-mindedness to the greater picture. It improves self-confidence and structures one’s vitality to uncover one’s genuine potential. Fluorite is additionally an amazing gem for helping to make natural connections with people.  It helps one in being unbiased and fair-minded, and to utilize reasonable thinking in circumstances where it would be astute to see and act on data with objectivity. Rainbow Fluorite brings steadiness in bunches.

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